Fall is upon us!

Hello again beauties and thank you ever so much for liking and following TCMakeupTreats it is deeply appreciated. We are already into the first day of fall and so though I have shared a few other fall looks there is one more that brings warmth to the face during cooler times. Orange Hue (Monochromatic Terra… Continue Reading →

No Crease! How to get it Done!

Hello beauties and welcome to another post! I dare say everyone who wears makeup seek to conceal and highlight certain areas of our faces when creating a desired look. Be it spots and discoloration (hyperpigmentation) or dark circles under the eye. Concealer works to cover as well as to brighten. For this post I want… Continue Reading →

Dewy Glow

It is no secret that this look is in and now more than ever the beauty industry favors makeup that looks and feels like skin. And why not? No one wants to wear makeup that feels heavy and overbearing. With that said, doing your makeup in a way where you are glowing is a perfect… Continue Reading →

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